Comparison of Optical Flow Methods under Stereomatching with Short Baselines
Tristan Dagobert, Nelson Monzón, Javier Sánchez
Tristan Dagobert, Nelson Monzón, and Javier Sánchez, Comparison of Optical Flow Methods under Stereomatching with Short Baselines, Image Processing On Line, 9 (2019), pp. 329–359.

Communicated by Gabriele Facciolo
Demo edited by Nelson Monzón and Tristan Dagobert


This article studies the effectiveness of optical flow methods applied to short baseline image pairs under different noise levels. New metrics have been developed to analyze the results because the usual metrics are inadequate in a subpixel context. We have used the implementation of some standard optical flow methods adapted to the stereo problem. Our experiments show that the Brox et al. method produces the least errors, with a 60% success rate and a relative precision at 1/100th of a pixel. On the other hand, our comparison shows that a discontinuity preserving method, derived from Brox et al., also provides competitive results at the same time that it yields disparities with more details and correct contours.


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