A Streaming Distance Transform Algorithm for Neighborhood-Sequence Distances
2014-09-01 · Nicolas Normand, Robin Strand, Pierre Evenou, Aurore Arlicot
Digital Level Layers for Digital Curve Decomposition and Vectorization
2014-07-30 · Laurent Provot, Yan Gerard, Fabien Feschet
Interactive Segmentation Based on Component-trees
2014-05-05 · Benoît Naegel, Nicolas Passat
Extraction of Connected Region Boundary in Multidimensional Images
2014-03-26 · David Coeurjolly, Bertrand Kerautret, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
Binary Shape Vectorization by Affine Scale-space
PREPRINT · Yuchen He, Sung Ha Kang, Jean-Michel Morel